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Edwin Bendyk Edwin Bendyk (1965), a journalist and writer. In late 80 he was involved in the independent students' movements, as an editor of two underground magazines: "Mis" and "Grizzly". After 1989 he used to work for several media, like "Gazeta i Nowoczesnosc", "Zycie Warszawy" and Polska Agencja Informacyjna (as an editor in chief of the press desk). Since 1999 he has been working for "Polityka", a major Polish weekly magazine. Bendyk also writes for several other titles, like "Przeglad Polityczny", "Krytyka Polityczna", "Res Publica Nowa", "Computerworld", "Kultura Wspolczesna" and "Zeszyty Artystyczne". He is mainly interested in topics concerning processes of modernization and postmodernization, social networks, social communication and influence of media (especially New Media) on social and political actions.

As far as New Media is concerned Bendyk is not only a theoretician, but has got wide practical experience in the field. First, in late 90, when he used to work for the publisher IDG Poland as a director of New Media Department, then in "Polityka", when he was responsible for development and management of the magazine's Internet edition. He wrote two books, "Zatruta studnia" ("The Poisoned Well", 2002), which won several prizes and was nominated to the Nike 2003 Prize, the most important Polish literary award and "Antymatrix. Czlowiek w labiryncie sieci" ("Anti-Matrix. A Man in a Labyrinth of Networks", 2004).

Bendyk teaches at Warsaw School of Social Psychology topics concerning social networks, knowledge management and digital culture. At Collegium Civitas he has a lecture on modern ideas. He cooperates with the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Warsaw, working on a multimedia project "The Hunt for Red Lenin". He is also writing a new book, with working title "Love, War and Revolution".


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